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History of Lassithi

Elia archaeoligical site in PalekastroPalaiekastro Crete Hotel - Kouremenos East Crete apartments - Sitia Palekastro accommodation-studios-apts

1) Vai

The palm tree forest occupies an area of 230-250 acres and it is unique in Europe. There are thousands of palm trees leading to a sandy beach near the ancient city of Itanos. Vai is a huge attraction for visitors and it is located approximately 6 km from Hotel Castri Village.

2) Palekastro Ancient City

Under Roussolakos is the Minoan city of Palekastro, the most important and biggest city of Crete with many important findings from the Early Minoan period. Palekastro Ancient City is just 2.5 km from Hotel Castri village.

3) Itanos

Itanos ancient city is located on the eastern part of Crete near Vai. The heyday of the early years of its establishment goes back to prehistoric times.

4) Toplou

Toplou Monastery is one of the most important monasteries in Crete, with a long history and many religious relics to be seen by visitors at the museum of the monastery. Toplou is located 7 km from Hotel Castri village.

5) Chochlakies

The gorge of Chochlakies is located 8 km from Hotel Castri village and its length is about 3 km. It starts at Chochlakia village and it ends in one of the most beautiful beaches (beach of Karume). The passage through the gorge takes about  1:30 hours and you will find several flower and plant species of rare beauty in the area along the way. The best months to visit the gorge are April, May, June.

6) Gorge of the dead

This gorge with the unspoilt natural beauty is the largest in Crete. The journey through the gorge takes approximately 2:30 hours, ending in Kato Zakros village.

7) Cave Pelekiton

The cave is located within walking distance to Kato Zakros village. Its length is about 300 meters, ending in a small lake.

8) Kato Zakros Palace

The palace was the summer residence of King Minos. It shares lots of similarities with the palaces of Knossos and Phaistos. Visitors of the palace will be impressed by its design and architecture and they will be surprised to see the water turtles that live in the palace.



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